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Whew. What a week!

Writing updates: Wrote/rewrote that second article, just need to proofread and I'll send it off.

Got the short story done in the nick of time. Had only 1000 words as of last night, so I sat myself down with the laptop first thing this morning and squeezed out the 1,600 words more it needed to get to the end. It's a rough, so there are plenty of problems with it, but none were obvious enough for me to feel crappy as I finished it. (small mercies) So while I expect it to be soundly torn apart at the next meeting, for now I will live in ignorant bliss. And get on to revising that last short story. Or restarting the one I didn't finish. Or something.

I've been playing around with the idea of re-writing Signi, so that all the plot (at least, the important stuff, the stuff I really wanted to get to) fits into one book, instead of spreading it over three or four. Would make it an easier sell, probably, and quite possibly a better book. But that'll be a while off.

There's also some non-writing stuff, but that's going to be locked.

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