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Freelance progress

Revised and sent off the second article on Saturday, heard back Sunday morning that they're taking it. Woohoo! It's token payment, but now I've got a clip. The site/newsletter it'll be appearing in is Absolute Write, which happens to be run by Jenna Glatzer, who also wrote the book on freelancing I got from the library: Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer. I'd definitely recommend the book to anyone who's interested in getting started--I've found it helpful enough that I'd like to buy a copy for reference, and she shares many of Barry Brown's main points, so I'm pretty sure she's not just making things up. ;)

Re-started the short story--got the idea this morning that it'd work better from the POV of the other main character, and that seems to be turning out well. About 500 words done today, may continue working on it after lunch, or switch to outlining my next article, not sure.

I want to get a few more clips before I start querying the big mags, so I have some variety to show. Aiming to have those written and submitted in the next couple weeks.

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