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Excited and nervous

I'd given up on the About.com Psychology guide thing, 'cause I'd thought I was supposed to hear back well before now, and, well, I considered it a long shot anyway. So today, getting an e-mail informing me that I've been accepted into their "prep program", my first reaction was OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Heh. Of course, it's far from guaranteed. I'd guess there are at least a couple of other people also entering prep, and I'm only getting the position if I produce the best material. I've got two weeks to work on it, and I'm going to work damn hard--so I probably won't be posting here a whole lot during that time, or writing much fiction. If I can get this job, that'll be my freelancing career for as long as it lasts me (and if I do it well enough, it might end up providing enough income that I can cut down on my hours at the "real" job). If I don't get it, well, at least I'll have a lot of sample articles to use as clips. :)

If anyone knows anyone who's gone through the process before, tips are most welcome. Good luck to all of you with your current endeavors. I'm going to get crackin'!


P.S. I have continued working on the short story. Added 1,400 words yesterday; looks like it'll total about 4,000 when it's finished. As yet, refuses to be titled.

P.P.S. My writing article, "From Idea to Story", is now up at Absolute Write.
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