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So... I had planned to print out In Memory Of tomorrow morning to give it a read over during the writing group writing session, but it appears we are out of printer paper. Perfect timing! *grumbles* I will have to either go out and get some or order some early next week, but for now I think I may try using lined paper. I have, like, 500 sheets of it lying around (three unopened packages plus one mostly full open one), despite not having bought lined paper since I was in university. So I can certainly spare some. I'm just not sure how the printer will like it. It's been rather temperamental lately. Well, I will find out tomorrow.

In other news:

Did not get the About.com thing. After I got the review on Friday I got a bad feeling about it, so I wasn't really expecting to get it, but it was still disappointing. Good practice and lots of sample material, though.

Finished writing the as-yet untitled short story from earlier in the month, and re-wrote "Internal Affair". Am not sure I like either of them. Will edit "Internal Affair" and then send it out anyway. Not sure when I'll touch the other and the "Lament" story. More and more my muse is convincing me that I should stick to novels. The shorts have been doing me well, and they're a heck of a lot easier to sell... but somehow revising a 2000 word short story feels so much more intimidating than rewriting a 50,000 word novel. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I feel guilty about leaving the shorts, but probably I'll come back to those two and fix 'em up before the year's out. I'm just not sure how many more I'll be writing.

As far as freelancing goes, I intend to finally revise that book review I wrote up forever ago, and to query one or another writing mag about an article. Not sure where else I want to go from there. Feeling intimidated by that, too, right now. I am so not a people person and writing good articles depends on talking to people, making connections, following leads... The reason I've avoided nonfiction writing for so long as I always think, who am I to be informing anyone of anything? If I could just write about something I'm comfortable with, like psychology or books or whathaveyou, I'd be fine. But there's not a lot of interest in that, unless you're tying it in with a bunch of real reporting. So, not sure where that's going, but it's still going, for now.

Well, that's the last week in a nutshell.

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