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An argument for fratricide

I almost forgot where I was going to let the story take me, because I was thinking about it last night half-asleep (never a good time to do your plot planning). Then I remembered. Hurrah! Then my brother decided it was a good time to vacuum the hall outside my door. With the very loud and blustering vacuum cleaner. It sounds like there's a moose bugling into a hurricane out there.

Needless to say, focus has become rather difficult. So I am taking this moment in the storm to rant about it here. May as well be productive in my irritability. Plus it'll keep my hands occupied so they don't go sneaking off to strangle my brother, the vacuum cleaner, or both.

And my parents wonder why I'm itching to get my own place.

Oh, I think he's stopped. *waits* For good. Back to the laptop it is! With any luck, I'll finish the new story rough draft, my take home exam, and a "Frozen" ending rewrite by the end of the day.

Until later,

Tags: annoyances, bitten by a great idea, family, short stories, writing

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