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Plodding along

Yesterday was not such a good writing day. I stayed up too late 'cause I wanted to finish Speak, and then I couldn't stay asleep in the morning (which is why I should never stay up to late), so I was groggy all day. Only a page or so. Harrumph.

Today, however, I got my full 1000 words plus 400 more, bringing the total on the second draft up to 3000. Slowly but surely. I'm still only on page 4 of the rough draft. So, yeah, this draft is going to be a wee bit longer.

Going to a one-day conference for children's authors and illustrators tomorrow. Should be cool--one of my seminars is with Kenneth Oppel, and the keynote speaker is Carol Matas. Gotta get there around 8:30 am, though, so I doubt I'll get any morning writing done. I'll make sure I'll get some in somewhere.

No more staying up late. *shakes finger at self*

BTW, Magic or Madness is a damn good book. One of the best YAs I've read this year. Haven't finished it yet, so I can't vouch for the ending, but the first four fifths are well worth it. :)

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