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My cats have always had a thing for lettuce. If a piece falls on the floor while I'm making a salad, one of them is bound to gobble it up. When I mentioned this odd trait to my writer's group, one of the members suggested "that's what happens when you name your cats after rabbits."


So five minutes ago I'm sitting here in the study tapping away on the laptop when I hear a thud and the crinkle of plastic. Worried that Fiver had gotten into the garbage or the cat food bag (again), I poke my head out to see what's up. And there's Fiver sitting in the middle of the hallway, where he's dragged the half-a-head of lettuce I forgot to put back in the fridge after lunch. Thankfully, it was still in its bag and he'd only pulled off one leaf, so I figured it was clean enough, but really. I have a cat that will steal an entire lettuce off the kitchen counter.

There you have it: the power of literature.

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