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I was in such a hurry to leave yesterday that I forgot to check my word count before I shut down the laptop. Somewhere between 52,000 and 53,000 I'd guess.

Really happy with the way a lot of plot elements and themes and so on are coming together. Still suffering the sporadic doubts of oh my god I think it might actually be really terrible and how will I ever fix it and there's no way it's publishable which I suspect will never entirely go away, but at least I have gotten good at ignoring them. :) And hey, they push me to keep working, keep trying to make it better.

I left out one YA fantasy book from the list in my last entry: Westmark by Lloyd Alexander. Definitely the best of the bunch I read--tight plotting, well-developed and sympathetic characters, politics and intrigue, and lots of that lovely gray area. This one I'll have to buy, along with the other two in the trilogy (which I haven't read yet).

I'm going to start volunteering at one of the local libraries this month. To start I'll be helping out with their used book store, sorting books and possibly doing sales. I'm too late to start with their homework help programs, but next fall I'd like to switch to that. Am still trying to figure out a way to work with both children (and/or teens) and books that is viable.

Anyway, I should be writing!

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