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Finally got out an entire (if brief) outline of Halfway Hero today. Needs expanding onto index cards, but it's a relief just having the entire plot line. The middle was giving me a headache. Usually I'm pretty good with middles. This one wanted to skip right from the beginning to the end. Where's the fun in that?

With a little luck, I may actually start writing the creature next week.

While we're talking about writing, if you are not already aware of Miss Snark, well, get aware now! I've been following her blog for a couple of months now, and she's always got useful advice from an agent's POV. Right now she's commenting on over a hundred novel synopses sent in by her readers--as someone who will be writing a synopsis for In Memory Of before long, I've been finding it very informative. You can also check out her comments on novel first pages in August 2005 of her archives.

On the reading front, I have been devouring Oliver Sacks's Awakenings. My god, does that man know how to write nonfiction! Would that he had written all of my university psych texts. :P It's a fascinating story. I keep being struck by the similarities of some of the patients's symptoms to those of autism. Must track down the documentary when I'm finished.

Awakenings was one of my many b-day and Christmas books. That's pretty much all I got this year: books, and a few gift certificates, and some travel stuff for Britain (just four more months!). Which is pretty much all I wanted, so I am a happy girl. :D

YA recommendation: pick up Hilari Bell's The Goblin Wood if you can find it. One of the more original (as well as well-written) YA fantasy novels I've read this year.

In celebration of the a-little-more-than four months before the UK trip, I am using my Britain user pic.

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