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Writing fantasy is hard.

I'm talking full-blown, newly-invented-worlds fantasy, of course. Urban fantasy, no problem. I haven't written this kind of fantasy (as a novel) in... oh... Y'know, I don't think I have since my first novel, back when I was all of 14. And that was a load of derivative crap, so I don't think it really counts.

It's the world building. Figuring out all the details of the culture and the environment and so on. Figuring out how to work them into the story without being info-dumpy or putting the reader to sleep. Of course, I had to make it extra hard for myself. I had to use some weird blend of Sumerian/Babylonian/Egyptian/Persian inspiration, instead of the standard medieval European deal. What I really need to do is take a trip over to the Middle East and experience this stuff--the landscape, at least. Ha ha. Great time for that.

So, writing has been a little painful. I'm leaning more toward getting in all the important details rather than making a story that's enjoyable to read, and so the writing itself is tiring and not much fun. Every couple of sentences I've got to stop and pick a name for a newly introduced person or place, or figure out what food they'd be eating, or what furniture they'd have, or how the palace is laid out. And still I keep thinking, yikes, I still haven't put anything about the religion in, is it going to be introduced to late, and, are these details unique enough? Does this really fit with the culture I'm creating here? and etc. I think I'm going to have to wait for the second draft before I get the fun. Oi. What have I gotten myself into?

*glares at the muse* This is all your fault. You gave me this idea. You made me fall for it. How about lending a hand getting it out, hmmm?

But hey, despite all that, I still love the story. I just don't love how I'm writing it right now.

Halfway Hero progress from the last week or so: 4,500 words

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