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Travel Updates

All our travel plans are pretty much official now--all but one hostel booked. Posting them because there were at least a couple people who read this who thought they might be in the same place at the same time.

Britain Trip, May 2006

London - arrive early May 7, leave early May 11
Exeter (SE England) - arrive midday May 11, leave early May 14
     -day trip to a coastal town, not sure which
London - stay over night of May 14, leave early next morning
Edinburgh - arrive late May 15, leave early May 19
Glasgow - arrive early May 19, leave early May 21
     -day trip to Glencoe (Highlands)
Brecon (mid Wales) - arrive late May 21, leave early May 24
     -day trip to Hay-On-Wye (the used book store capital of the world)
Caernarfon (north Wales) - arrive late May 24, leave early May 28
     -probably at least one day trip, to another castled city (e.g., Conwy) and/or to Portmeirion (where The Prisoner was filmed)
London - arrive midday May 28, fly home midday May 31
     -possibly a day trip to Brighton, Cambridge, or Canterbury

Just a little more than three months! If you're going to be around, give me a shout.

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