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I was talking with my mom about "Frozen" (which she read and gave a very substantial and helpful critique on, within an hour of my having printed it out for her--my mom is great), and I said, sort of out of the blue, "I think it's the hardest I've ever worked on a story." Three false starts, one rough draft, two rewrites, two additional rewrites just for the ending, and one edit completed. Yeah, I think so. And I still have another edit or possibly rewrite+edit to go. At least I know what I need to do. I've already got a page and a half of suggestions and ideas of how to work with the suggestions. But "Frozen" is staying, well, frozen, because I need that mental stewing pot for the second draft of "Hack", which I will hopefully hack my way through by Wednesday.

You can tell it's the end of a long day when my puns go sour, and I don't care. Ha.

Typed up a middle scene for "Hack" that I'd written long-hand in my notebook, as I figured it'd be easier to take stock if it was all together. I underestimated. The beast is over 8500 words. That's, what? Almost 35 pages? I really am going to have to hack at it.

I think it needs it, though. I seem to end up with two types of rough drafts. The one type is like "Frozen", where the idea isn't fully developed yet, and I need to rewrite just to expand it. The current draft of "Frozen" is 600 words longer than the first. And that's after chopping quite a bit of what was in the original. The other type, like "Hack", is where the whole thing's there, along with a whole lot that might be part of the story and might not be, and I have to clear away all the debris to find it. Unless I realize I really missed something, "Hack" will probably finish about 1000 words lighter than it started, maybe more.

Which means it's still going to be pretty damn long, for a short. But what can you do? The story is what it is.

At least it'll be a bit easier going than "Frozen", due to it not being a jumping-all-over-the-place narrative. That is to say, it jumps, but they're more like hops, and it had the decency to start at the beginning and end at the end. Gotta appreciate that kind of consideration.

I'm half-asleep, but I've been feeling so optimistic the last couple days I'm running on positive vibes alone. I'm going somewhere. It may take me my whole life to figure out where that is, but as long as I can feel I'm heading there, that's all I need.

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