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Well, the contracts have been signed and mailed, so I think it's safe for me to publicly announce...

I have an agent!

Not just any agent, of course, but a wonderful, personable agent who seems to love In Memory Of for exactly the reasons I wrote it. Huzzah!

What this means, for the near future:
-I will be receiving her revision notes on In Memory Of, so I can get it in tip-top shape before she starts approaching editors.
-I will try to post here more often, because, well, I poured over the blogs of newly-agented writers when I was preparing for my search, so maybe I can pass on the favour.
-I am redesigning my website (with Chris's help), because frankly it is just not very cool looking. ;)
-I'll be hard at work finishing off my current novel project (Merry-Go-Round), which is about halfway finished right now.

More details, ramblings, etc. coming soon.
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